Why Steel Kerbing Makes For Lighter Work Than Concrete

Bison steel landscape edging is a revolutionary new product from ExcelEdge of East Sussex. Developed in ExcelEdge's own innovation centre and manufactured solely in the UK, it provides a more advanced alternative to traditional cast concrete pin kerbing, and one of its main benefits is its lightweight, low bulk design.

  • 67% lighter than concrete, so safer and easier to handle
  • significantly less weight/space to store and transport
  • easier to offload and carry around site
  • faster and simpler to install with less labour/less fatigue so more work can be done in a week/per man-hour
  • less obtrusive – better for resin paths and driveways

Steel kerbing punches above its weight

Formed from high quality 2mm galvanised steel, Bison landscape edging is folded to make a 7mm-thick edging material – a fraction of the width of 50mm concrete pin kerbs.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this product won’t be up to the job – Bison is a civils-grade product, suitable for edging of paths and driveways, suitable for supporting the edge of hard landscaping surfaces such as concrete, stone, asphalt and resin bound, and creating a clean border between different types of hard landscaping.

The higher strength and resilience of steel means that Bison kerbing does the same job – or better – at just a third the weight of concrete. Stability is enhanced by its interlocking design and the integral feet on both sides of the edging that are pre-drilled to secure the edging with fixings.

Less bulk and weight = lower storage and transport costs

Heavy, bulky concrete landscaping products are greedy when it comes to storage. The number of kerbs that can be stacked on a pallet is limited and pallets frequently need to be placed at ground level if they are too heavy for pallet racking.

Bison steel kerbs present no problem to standard or widespan pallet racks and can be stored in higher pallet quantities.

Larger consignments of concrete kerbs often require heavier vehicles to deliver to site, which can be a problem if access is restricted or the unprepared terrain isn’t suitable for heavy goods vehicles. Multiple drops using a smaller vehicle increases operational costs.

Bison steel kerbs are light enough to be delivered on lighter capacity vehicles or even in a trades van or truck, where their reduced space requirements are an added benefit.

Installation at the speed of lighter kerbing

Bison steel kerbing is so light that it can easily be installed single-handedly. Less weight means less fatigue, so installation can be completed in a shorter timeframe.

P.S. – Bison is also held in place with fixings rather than wet concrete haunching, so as soon as it’s installed, the next stage of the project can be started.

Lower bulk for higher kerb appeal

The narrow width of Bison steel kerbing – 7mm, compared with 50mm for concrete – means that when all landscaping surfaces have been laid the kerbing is so inconspicuous that it’s almost invisible. This has great potential for landscape design, allowing contrasting hard-hard or hard-soft areas to adjoin without an ugly strip of concrete between them to detract from their colours and textures.

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