Heavy-duty steel kerb for edging hard landscape footpaths and driveways.
    Why Is Steel Better Than Concrete?

Heavy-Duty Steel Kerb

Bison Kerb is the perfect alternative to concrete kerbs for hard landscapes.

For landscapes where you think concrete kerbs are your only option, think again. Bison Kerb is extra strong, light and simple to install - perfect for delineating hard surfaces. Equally cost effective as concrete, with Bison you get a beautiful finish and less installation hassle a real win-win.

The design is based on your feedback and project trends. It is manufactured at Kinley's Innovation Centre, and rigorously tested to ensure it meets quality standards.

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Bison Steel Kerbing is a civils quality, heavy-duty landscaping edging. Flexible and interlocking, it is so easy and fast to install that wet-pour or precast concrete, asphalt and resin-bound paving can often be laid on the same day.

Tarmac and Grass

Scenario 1

Grass and Paving

Scenario 2

Tarmac and Play Surface

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Product Information

 Heights 75, 100,  150mm
 Length 2.4m
 Thickness 7mm Folded Top
Corners 150 x 150mm (L) available in 75, 100, 150mm heights
 Finish Galvanised
What is Bison Kerb best suited for?

Bison Kerb is suitbale for replacing concrete in civil construction developments including *service roads, pavements, pathways and other building developments.

*Bison Kerb is not suited for motorways. 

What are the advantages of using Bison Kerb?
  • More robust than concrete and won’t crack 
  • Much quicker than concrete to install 
  • Lightweight – approximately three times lighter than concrete! 
  • Requires less labour to install giving higher quality edging at no extra cost 
  • Easy to fit – even if working alone 
  • Rounded top edge detail for smooth finish with no sharp edges 
  • Durable and corrosion resistant

For more technical information on Bison Kerb, please visit the Kinley Webiste or email sales@bisonkerb.com.

Designed and Manufactured
​in the UK

Bison Kerb is manufactured at Kinley’s Innovation Centre in East Sussex, UK. The Innovation Centre is a place where metal landscape products are manufactured, and where we take product development to the next level, with experience and expertise at our fingertips.

Manufacturing products in-house allows us to understand metal better and gives us more control and the ability to make things happen and happen fast. This has led to our products being made more efficiently, more economically, using less energy, more quickly and with a higher level of safety for our staff.  As we continue to evolve, we aim to drive down lead times on both standard and bespoke products, by focussing on what we do and accelerating innovation in every way.


Bison Kerb is manufactured in East Sussex, UK.

Steel vs Concrete

Why Steel Kerbing Has The Edge On Concrete

Concrete kerbing is the traditional product for creating borders between landscape surfaces but what if you could use another product that offers better quality at a similar – or even lower – price?

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Why Steel Kerbing Is More Cost-Effective Than Concrete

Steel edging might appear more expensive than traditional concrete pin kerbing, but a price list comparison doesn’t tell the whole story. Let’s look at the whole picture, from purchase to installation and beyond.

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Why Steel Kerbing Is Safer Than Concrete

Bison steel landscape kerbing substantially reduces installation risks when installing concrete. At a mere third of the weight of concrete pin kerbing, Bison Kerb has the potential to drastically reduce materials handling hazard levels.
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Why Steel Kerbing Looks Better Than Concrete

Bison Kerb features a neatly rounded top edge detail for a precise, smooth finish with no sharp edges, and it can be shaped into intricate curves to create a natural flow even with hard landscaping.
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Why Steel Kerbing Makes For Lighter Work Than Concrete

Bison steel kerbs are light enough to be delivered on lighter capacity vehicles

and is so light that it can easily be installed single-handedly. Less weight means less fatigue, so installation can be completed in a shorter timeframe.

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