Why Steel Kerbing Is Safer Than Concrete

All materials handling carries an inherent risk which increases with load weight and instability. Heavy materials such as concrete blocks and castings, falling from an unsecured pallet while being offloaded or moved around the site, have the potential to cause crush or fracture injuries. 

Bison steel landscape kerbing substantially reduces this risk. At a mere third of the weight of concrete pin kerbing (per linear metre), this innovative product from leading UK landscape kerbing specialists Kinley Systems Limited has the potential to drastically reduce materials handling hazard levels.

Safer when moving kerb

Laying pin kerbs for hard landscaping edging will always be a manual task, and because this is carried out at or just below ground level, the risks of musculoskeletal complications and injury increase with heavier kerbing materials.

Kerb laying is in fact such a common cause of injury that HSE has even produced an information sheet in an attempt to mitigate the risk.

Bison steel kerbing offers welcome relief to aching backs, arms and shoulders. With a 66% weight reduction compared with concrete pin kerbs, Bison kerbing can be easily carried and laid by a single worker.

This lightweight steel kerbing also eliminates the risk of pinch or crush injuries during the laying process, and as it is secured in place with steel fixings, it cuts out the strenuous task of mixing, barrowing and haunching concrete.

Safer when installed

Fabricated from 2mm-thick galvanised steel, Bison steel kerbing is folded along the top to create a 7mm thick kerb. This fold results in a smooth, rounded profile with no burrs or sharp edges that might present a risk of injury both to kerb layers and members of the public.

Do you know all the benefits of Bison Steel Landscape Kerbing?

Safety is just one factor that makes Bison steel kerbing superior to traditional concrete pin kerbing. Developed in Kinley’s East Sussex innovation centre and manufactured solely in the UK, this revolutionary new product is changing the landscape of landscape design and construction.

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